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Are You Ready to Rumble?

The card for Rumble in the Rox 3: Stowe Showdown has been finalized and it looks to be a blockbuster night of wrestling action! The main event of the evening will determine a brand new PGH PRO Champion. The match pits Powerhouse Hughes against an unknown adversary managed by the diabolical Mayor Mystery. Adding even more drama to the contest is the stipulation that if Mayor Mystery’s wrestler loses, the Parts Unknown Posse must leave Pittsburgh Professional Wrestling!

The first ever women’s match in PGH PRO history will take place at the Rumble in the Rox 3 when Ariel faces Hailey Hatred. These two ladies are polar opposites and this match may very well steal the show!

Rockin’ Rebel makes his PGH PRO debut at the Rumble in the Rox 3 when he battles Lord Zoltan. Zoltan is sure to have his manager Mayor Mystery by his side making this a true battle to the finish!

Sterling James Keenan has taken Hot Shot Drew Lazario as his manager and together they issued a challenge to the giant T. Rantula for the Rumble in the Rox 3. Keenan claims he is “the future of professional wrestling” and aims to prove it by defeating the popular veteran!

The Rumble in the Rox 3 will see tag team action when Real Smooth takes on Jason Gory & Hex Hatred. All four of these grapplers are making their first appearance in PGH PRO and they will be looking to make an impact!

High-flying excitement has become a staple of PGH PRO and the Rumble in the Rox 3 will be no different when Amazing Kevin Grace meets Kid Mikaze in a cruiserweight confrontation!

The Rumble in the Rox 3: Stowe Showdown takes place on Saturday, April 16 live at the St. John of God Gymnasium in Stowe Township. Tickets are available at the door. To view the card or get directions click here! ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!?

RITR3 Main Event full of "Mystery"

Powerhouse HughesPgh Pro Wrestling is extremely excited to announce that the Main Event at the Rumble in the Rox 3 on April 16 will pit Powerhouse Hughes against a mystery opponent to crown a brand new Pgh Pro Wrestling Champion!

Nothing is known about the “mystery opponent” other than he will be managed by the notorious Mayor Mystery.

“My mystery wrestler is going to obliterate Weakhouse Hughes and win the vacant title,” Mayor Mystery said. “Finally Parts Unknown and I are going to get the respect we deserve.”Mayor Mystery

This match will also feature an added stipulation: if Mystery’s mystery wrestler loses, then Mayor Mystery and the entire Parts Unknown Posse must leave Pgh Pro! This stipulation was added by none other than Pgh Pro Commissioner Raelane.

Commissioner Raelane“The Mayor issued a challenge – his mystery wrestler versus any Pgh Pro Grappler for the title,” said Commissioner Raelane. “I picked the very best grappler we have: Powerhouse Hughes. As for the extra stip, well, I think it’s time we take out the trash here in Pgh Pro.”

The added stipulation is already causing some controversy, but the fact remains that this match is first and foremost about the Pgh Pro Title.

“The Commissioner is a fool,” Mystery stated. “She thinks she can add some stupid stipulation and be rid of the Parts Unknown Posse? Bah! My man is going to take the belt and then we can rename it the Parts Unknown Wrestling Title. Mark my words, the Parts Unknown Posse will triumph at the Rumble in the Rox 3!”

Women's Match to take place at RITR3

ArielHaileyPgh Pro Wrestling is pleased to announce that a Women's Match between Ariel and Hailey Hatred has been signed for the Rumble in the Rox 3 on Saturday, April 16.

"Hailey and Ariel are two of the top lady grapplers on the indy scene today, so we are very excited to have them at the Rumble in the Rox 3," Commissioner Raelane said. "Plus, this is a historical match for Pgh Pro - the first time we've had a true ladies' match is our history!"

Last year the "Fabulous Firebird" Phoenix wrestled in a three-way dance against two men. This match will be the first time two female performers went one-on-one in a Pgh Pro ring.

"The fans have been wanting women's wrestling for awhile, so I'm glad we can finally deliver," said Raelane. "I myself can't wait to see this match."

Dean The Dream signed by WWE

Dean The Dream JablonskiPgh Pro grappler Dean “The Dream” Jablonski has signed a 3-year deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. This comes following Jablonski’s match against Kurt Angle on the November 18, 2004 episode of WWE Smackdown.

“We are very excited for Dean and wish him the very best,” said Pgh Pro Commissioner Raelane. “Of course, this will have an impact on the Main Event at Rumble in the Rox 3.”

The Main Event at the Rumble in the Rox 3 on April 16 was scheduled to be Jablonski versus Powerhouse Hughes to crown a new Pgh Pro Champion.

“The Board of Directors and I will meet to come up with a new Main Event,” Commish Raelane stated. “We already have a few very exciting ideas, so fans should prepare themselves for an awesome announcement!”

Pgh Pro Title declared Vacant

Pgh Pro Commissioner Raelane has announced that the Pittsburgh Professional Wrestling Title has been declared vacant by the Board of Directors. The decision is based on the fact that now former champion Dennis Gregory is unable to defend the title at the Rumble in the Rox 3 on April 16.

Gregory, a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, has been called to active duty and will be sent overseas.

Pgh Pro Title Belt“This was a tremendously difficult decision for the Board to make, especially in light of why Dennis won’t be able to defend the title,” said Commissioner Raelane. “But the rulebook states that the title must be defended at least once a year at the Rumble in the Rox, so there was really no other choice.”

Gregory was recognized as champion when Pgh Pro Wrestling was formed in 2003. Now a new champion will have to be crowned.

“We’re still looking at how to best determine a new champ,” Raelane said. “But regardless of how it is done, there definitely will be a brand new Pgh Pro Champion crowned at the Rumble in the Rox 3 on Saturday, April 16, and that is very exciting!”

History of the Rumble in the Rox

Kamala the Ugandan GiantPgh Pro Wrestling debuted in McKees Rocks on April 25, 2003. The first Rumble in the Rox featured such epic matches as the Pgh Pro Champion Dennis Gregory (with his manager Drew Lazario) defending against "Ghetto Superstar" Don Montoya, a grudge match between Dean "The Dream" Jablonski and the evil Lord Zoltan, and high-flying tag team action between the All Knighters and Club 21. But it was the awesome Main Event between Kamala the Ugandan Giant and Powerhouse Hughes that really made an impact!

For results and photos of all the matches click here.

The Living Legend Larry ZbyszkoMarch 27, 2004 was a legendary night for Pgh Pro Wrestling! Rumble in the Rox 2: Norwood Knockdown was filled with tons of exciting action, including a double main event. The first half featured Pittsburgh's own "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko taking on the nefarious Lord Zoltan and the second half saw Powerhouse Hughes challenge Dennis Gregory for the Pgh Pro Championship!

For complete results and photos click here.

To order a video of either show check out our merchandise section!

Comissioner RaelaneInterview with Commissioner Raelane
Pgh Pro journalist Matt Zaza sat down with our brand new commissioner to get her thoughts on some topics including the rash of outside interference, the #1 contender position, and the future of Pgh Pro Wrestling.

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