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Rumble in the Rox 2
Saturday, March 27, 2004
McKees Rocks, PA

Quick Results:

Detailed Results:

The Rumble in the Rox 2: Norwood Knockdown opened with ring announcer Hank Hudson in the ring. After the National Anthem it was time to start the action!

The first match of the evening saw Jimmy Vega$ take on Dr. Feelgood (with his valet Princess Jade). This match was an even contest until Vega$ attacked the Princess! Feelgood came to her aid and in the confusion Vegas$ was able to roll him up (and hook the tights) for the victory.

The next match pitted The All Knighters versus Dale Price & Illite. Before the match “Joeverine” Joey Knight & “Sexy Monkee” Robin Knightwing got on the mic and said that the fans should be honored to be in the presence of the original All Knighters. Price & Illite did not seem to care if the brothers were original or not and took the fight right too them! Although the All Knighters used numerous double team tactics, Price & Illite were able to come out on top when Price hit Joey with the senton bomb!

Match #3 was scheduled to be a Cruiserweight 3-Way Dance. After “Amazing” Kevin Grace (accompanied by Raelane) and “The Ghost” Glenn Spectre were introduced, they awaited ODB. Instead, the music of “The Fabulous Firebird” Phoenix hit and she and her manager Drew Lazario entered the ring. Phoenix said that since her female opponent was too scared to show up, she would take ODB’s place in this match and wrestle men! The three combatants battled before Phoenix and Spectre teamed up. The alliance did not last long, though, and Spectre was soon pinned by Grace, thus eliminating “The Ghost.” This left Grace and Phoenix, who immediately went back at it. Grace went for a flying sunset flip, but Lazario held onto Phoenix’s arms allowing her to get the 1-2-3!

Prior to the fourth match, “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko joined the Orangutan and the Viceroy in the announce position. In the match it was The Specialist (with his manager Mayor Mystery) versus Dean “The Dream” Jablonski. Mayor Mystery grabbed the mic and talked about how his city, Parts Unknown, is better than Pittsburgh. He said that the Specialist would prove it right here in this match! The two warriors began to have a pose-down until the Specialist attacked Dean from behind. Mayor Mystery’s presence gave the Specialist the advantage throughout the match, but “The Dream” battled back and eventually earned the huge victory! Enraged, Mayor Mystery jumped on Dean’s back! Just as Dean was about to clean the mayor’s clock, Lord Zoltan nailed him from behind with the mayor’s cane. All three members of the Parts Unknown Posse stomped on Dean until Zbyszko came into the ring. The Parts Unknown Posse immediately ran away, but they knew they had one-upped the Pittsburghers in this battle!

In the next match it was two familiar foes meeting for the first time in a Pgh Pro ring when Brian O met the giant T. Rantula. Brian O worked on T. Rantula’s leg throughout the match, but the man from the O-World could not compete with the giant’s strength. After hitting a devastating choke slam T. Rantula was able to win this hard-fought contest.

It was then time for the Title Match involving Powerhouse Hughes challenging PGH PRO Champion Dennis Gregory (accompanied by his manager Drew Lazario). The match was a back and forth contest with neither grappler getting the clear upper hand. At one point Phoenix made her way to the ring to watch the action. Powerhouse went for a rollup but Lazario cracked him in the head with the title belt! The plan backfired, though, as the ref was distracted by Phoenix, enabling Powerhouse to kick out. Suddenly a steel chair made its way into the ring. Powerhouse grabbed it and was going to hit the Champ, but Gregory pulled Phoenix in front of him. Just as Powerhouse put the chair down Phoenix hit him with a ball shot! Gregory hooked Hughes in an inside cradle to get the pin thus retaining the PGH PRO Title.

The Main Event of the evening featured Lord Zoltan (with Mayor Mystery) against “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko. These two legends wrestled a technical match. Hold for hold these two countered each other’s scientific offense. With the mayor distracting the referee, the Specialist attempted to interfere but Dean the Dream stopped him. As the referee watched the melee, Mayor Mystery grabbed Zbyszko! Zoltan bounced off the ropes to hit the Living Legend but Zbyszko moved! Zoltan collided with the mayor, sending Mystery crashing to the mat! Zbyszko rolled up Zoltan in a school boy to win the match! The referee raised Zbyszko hand as the fans cheered for the true legend of pro wrestling! Pittsburgh had defeated Parts Unknown and had won the war!


Pgh Pro ring announcer Hank Hudson welcomes everyone to the Rumble in the Rox 2

Jimmy Vega$ awaits his opponent

Vega$ and Dr. Feelgood in a collar-and-elbow tie up

Dr. Feelgood and Vega$ have a power struggle

Vega$ attacks Princess Jade

Dr. Feelgood and Princess Jade can't believe they were cheated

The All Knighters address the fans while referee Dave Webb listens in

Illite throws Joey Knight into the air

Robin Knightwing chinlocks Illite

Dale Price goes airborne to deliver the senton bomb

The winners: Dale Price & Illite

Raelane and "Amazing" Kevin Grace greet the fans

Here comes "The Ghost" Glenn Spectre

"The Fabulous Firebird" Phoenix (with manager Drew Lazario) joins the match

The three combatants size each other up while referee Cottie Chub looks on

Phoenix and Spectre double team Grace with an elbow drop

The evil alliance soon crumbles

Phoenix gets the pin with the help of her manager

Mayor Mystery and the Specialist make their way to the ring

The Mayor claims Parts Unknown is better than Pittsburgh

Dean "The Dream" Jablonski is ready for action

The Specialist has Dean in a camel clutch

The Dream delivers a hugh body slam

The Mayor is going to pay for his interference

The Parts Unknown Posse triple teams Dean

Zbyszko comes to Dean's aid, but the Parts Unknown Posse gets away

The proud Pittsburghers

Brian O and T. Rantula about the lock up in a test of strength

Referee Mike Compel almost counts three as Brian O has T. Rantula in a deadly figure-four leglock

The Giant T. Rantula is about to choke slam Brian O

T. Rantula earns a hard fought win

Dennis Gregory and Drew Lazario enter the ring as Powerhouse Hughes prepares for the title match

PGH PRO Champion Dennis Gregory

Lazario helps Gregory gain the advantage with a flying leg drop

Powerhouse answers with a devastating powerbomb

Lazario and Gregory decide to leave

Powerhouse won't hit a woman with the chair

Phoenix delivers "testicular manslaughter"

Dennis Gregory retains the title

Lord Zoltan and Mayor Mystery are ready for the main event

Hometown hero "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko

Zbszko has Zoltan in an arm ringer

Zoltan chokes the Living Legend

Mayor Mystery interferes again

Zbyszko proves he is the true legend of pro wrestling