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Rumble in the Rocks
Friday, April 25, 2003
McKees Rocks, PA

Quick Results:

Detailed Results:

PGH PRO Wrestling’s first show in the McKees Rocks/Stowe Township area opened with ring announcer Hank Hudson welcoming the fans to the Rumble in the Rocks. After the National Anthem is was time to start the action!

In the first match of the night, the ultra cocky “Spotlight” Scottie Gash took on newcomer Eddie Styles. The two had a back and forth battle until Gash was able put his feet on the ropes to get pin.

PGH PRO interview guy “Old School” Burt LeGrand came to the ring. Burt said that tonight in the Main Event it would be legendary superstar Kamala the Ugandan Giant taking on his guest – Powerhouse Hughes. ‘House came out and said that he was honored to have the opportunity to wrestle in the Main Event against a legend like Kamala. Suddenly, the song Mr. Bombastic began to play. PGH PRO Champion “The Golden Boy” Dennis Gregory (accompanied by his manager Hot Shot Drew Lazario) entered the ring. Gregory got in Powerhouse’s face and said that since he is PGH PRO Champ he should be in the Main Event. Right as he and ‘House looked like they are about to fight, the song We Will Rock You hit. Out came “Always Dangerous” Don Montoya, Gregory’s opponent later that night. Montoya said that Dennis Gregory should not worry about the Main Event match, but should worry about being defeated by Montoya in the PGH PRO Title Match! While the three grapplers began to argue Kamala and Kim Chee quietly made their way to the ring. Kamala to attacked Powerhouse and Gregory blindsided Montoya! While Gregory and Montoya battled to the back, Kamala and ‘House reached a standoff in the center of the ring! Kim Chee pulled Kamala away and retreated to get ready for the Main Event.

The next match saw boy band wannabes “Joeverine” Joey Knight and Justin Idol take on fan favorites Club 21 (“Snapshot” CJ Sensation and “Amazing” Kevin Grace with Raelane) in tag team action. The match was a highflying contest with lots of breathtaking maneuvers! The end saw Club 21 come out victorious when Sensation pinned Idol.

Match #3 pitted evil Lord Zoltan against the young lion Dean “The Dream” Jablonski. There was no love lost between these two, making this a grudge match. After a tough contest, Dean used a flying body press to get the big win, a huge feather in the cap of the youngster.

The Championship Match between the challenger “Always Dangerous” Don Montoya and the champion “Golden Boy” Dennis Gregory (accompanied by his manager Hot Shot Drew Lazario) was next. The two gladiators had a tremendous match that could have gone either way. As Lazario distracted the ref, Gregory clocked Montoya with the PGH PRO Championship Belt! This enabled Gregory to get the victory and retain his title.

Before the next match, Canadian rule-breaker “Nasty” Nick Crane came to the ring and berated the USA. Suddenly, the song Real American was heard throughout the arena. The Bladester came out and grabbed the American flag! Blade answered Nasty Nick’s challenge and gained the win in this match with a big leg-drop! Blade-a-mania was running wild!

It was then time for the Main Event featuring Powerhouse Hughes taking on “The Ugandan Headhunter” Kamala (with Kim Chee). ‘House and Kamala had an awesome back and forth power match until Dennis Gregory and Drew Lazario came to the ring and interfered. The duo attacked Powerhouse enabling Kamala to get the pin. Gregory and Lazario then proceeded to beat down Powerhouse. Kim Chee ordered Kamala to help them, but Kamala resisted, sensing the unfair treatment. In a shocking turn of events, Kamala attacked Gregory and then destroyed his own handler Kim Chee! Powerhouse got up and he and Kamala stared each other down. After a few minutes Kamala shook Powerhouse’s hand to the roaring approval of the crowd!


Ring Announcer Hank Hudson asks the crowd if they are ready to rumble

The Spotlight Scottie Gash

Eddie Styles has Scottie Gash in a chinlock

Old School Burt Legrand

Powerhouse Hughes

The All Knighters (Joey Knight and Justin Idol)

Club 21 (Snapshot CJ Sensation, Amazing Kevin Grace, Madam Trinity)

Just Idol slams Kevin Grace

Lord Zoltan

Dean the Dream Jablonski

Dean the Dream and Lord Zoltan in a stare-down

PGH PRO Commentators Viceroy and Orangutan

Always Dangerous Don Montoya

PGH PRO Champion Dennis Gregory

Dennis Gregory has Don Montoya in the corner

Nasty Nick Crane

The Bladester

Blade has an arm bar on Nasty Nick

Powerhouse Hughes

Kamala and Kim Chee

Kamala and Powerhouse have a test of strength