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Lord Zoltan
Lord Zoltan

Height: 6'
Weight: 222 lbs
Hometown: Parts Unknown
The sinister Lord Zoltan has been breaking rules for decades. A consummate champion, Zoltan has held virtually every Junior Heavyweight Title in the Tri-State area. Zoltan was one of the first wrestlers to begin painting his face back in the 70's and one of the first wrestlers to come to the ring to music as part of a team called The Funkadelics. Zoltan later formed the stable known as the Dope Show, a group that produced some of the most vicious wrestlers in history. He currently is a member of the Parts Unknown Posse with Mayor Mystery, The Specialist and newest recruit Sebastian Dark.

Zoltan is a nefarious fiend who is not to be trusted. His infamous reputation is only preceded by his legendary abilities.