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Sports Festival Fall-Out
By Matt Zaza

PGH PRO Grapplers were on hand at the annual Pittsburgh Sports & Fitness Festival and it did not take long for chaos to erupt. Immediately upon arriving, Mayor Mystery and Lord Zoltan got into an altercation with Powerhouse Hughes. What Zoltan and Mystery did not know was that Commissioner Raelane had also booked Dr. Feelgood and Princess Jade to appear and even the sides!

"Mayor Mystery wants to do this sneaky crap, well fine, I'll fight fire with fire," Commissioner Raelane said. "The Parts Unknown Posse is outnumbered; let's see how they like that."

The PUP apparently did not like it at all, as Lord Zoltan refused to participate in the Meet & Greet and left the building. Mayor Mystery stayed though to taunt the remaining PGH PRO Grapplers. Although Powerhouse and Dr. Feelgood wanted to gets their hands on Mystery, it was the lovely Princess Jade who finally put the Mayor in his place.

"They are going to pay for this," Mayor Mystery stated. "Weakhouse Hughes, Dr. Feelbad, and that dumb blonde are going to pay for embarrasing me!"

Commissioner Raelane sees things differently.

"Mayor Mystery thought he had this great plan to crash our Meet & Greet," she said. "Well, it looks like his plan backfired and I had the last laugh afterall. Ha!"