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Rumble in the Rox 3
Saturday, April 16, 2005
McKees Rocks, PA

Quick Results:

Detailed Results:

Rumble in the Rox 3: Stowe Showdown began with ring announcer Hank Hudson in the ring ready to kick off the action!

The opening contest pitted newcomer Kid Mikaze against Amazing Kevin Grace in a cruiserweight confrontation. These two risk-taking acrobats had an exciting high-flying technical battle. Grace was eventually able to connect with a huge suplex to get the big win.

Commissioner Raelane came to the ring with the PGH PRO Title Belt. Before the Commish could say much she was interrupted by Mayor Mystery. The Mayor came out to introduce his “mystery wrestler” that would challenge Powerhouse Hughes in the main event for the vacant PGH PRO Championship. The “mystery wrestler” turned out to be none other than the violent, maniacal, sadistic Sebastian Dark! The Mayor told the shocked Commissioner that win or lose they won’t be seeing each other again. He said he wanted to give her a going-away present – a chokeslam from the Darkman! Dark attacked Raelane but before he could chokeslam her Powerhouse Hughes intervened. The big man chased of the Parts Unknown Posse and then picked up the title belt. Hughes told Dark and Mystery that tonight the PGH PRO Title would not be going to Parts Unknown but would be staying right here in Pittsburgh, around his waist!

Next up was the tag team match pitting the team of Jason Gory and Hex Hatred taking on the unlikely duo of Ethan Price and Jake Garrett. During the match the PGH PRO Commentary Crew revealed that Price’s regular tag team partner, “Natural” Aaron Gibbs, was attacked the previous night and could not compete. Unconfirmed reports state that the attackers bore a close resemblance to Gory and Hatred. The match was a back and forth contest until Price nailed Gory with the block party slam to get the pin and a measure of revenge.

The next match featured the debut of Sterling James Keenan accompanied by his new manager Hot Shot Drew Lazario. Lazario got on the microphone and said that Keenan’s scheduled opponent T. Rantula was too scared to show up. They issued a challenge to anyone in the locker-room, a challenge that was accepted by Brian O. Brian O grabbed the mic and said that one year ago he took T. Rantula to the limit and has the utmost respect for him so he was going to shut up this young punk. These two talented grapplers went at it evenly until Lazario became the difference maker. Lazario slipped Keenan the metal walking stick and then distracted the referee while Keenan used the foreign object to knock-out Brian O. With this help from his manager Sterling JK was able to pick up the victory over the man from the O-World.

The next contest saw the Rockin’ Rebel take on the nefarious Lord Zoltan, who as always was accompanied by his diabolical manager Mayor Mystery. The match saw copious cheating from the members of the Parts Unknown Posse and eventually ended when Zoltan pinning Rebel by using Mystery’s cane for leverage. Commissioner Raelane was incensed by the interference and quickly came to ringside. She stated that this ridiculousness would not take place during the main event because she would be at ringside!

The women’s match was next pitting Ariel against Hailey Hatred. Hailey tortured Ariel with a series of submission holds but Ariel was able to battle back to role-up her adversary for the victory.

Finally it was time for the main event of the evening. This match would be to crown a brand new PGH PRO Wrestling Champion. Mayor Mystery and Sebastian Dark taunted the fans on their way to the ring as Commissioner Raelane positioned herself at ringside. After a feeling out process, Dark and Hughes went at it toe-to-toe! The two warriors fought in and out of the ring as they gave it their all. Dark worked on Hughes leg but Powerhouse would not quit. The Mayor attempted to interfere several times but couldn’t due to the presence of the Commish. Late in the match, as both grapplers were recovering from their war, the sneaky Lord Zoltan came to the ring and climbed up on the apron. The referee immediately turned his attention to Zoltan, enabling Mayor Mystery to enter the ring. The Mayor went to hit Hughes with his cane, but his plan was foiled by Commissioner Raelane! Raelane kicked the Mayor in the Mystery Family Jewels and then his honor walked right into a Powerhouse chokeslam! Dark took advantage of the situation and blindsided Hughes. Dark then climbed to the top rope and delivered a devastating splash! It appeared that the PGH PRO Title was in the Parts Unknown Posse’s grasp but somehow Hughes kicked out! Dark looked to try to finish Hughes off again, but out of no where the big man hit Dark with the power-bomb! Hughes covered Dark – 1 – 2 – 3! Powerhouse Hughes had captured the PGH PRO Championship! The Parts Unknown Posse left the ring in anguish as the Commissioner presented the brand new champ with the belt. Powerhouse stood in the center of the ring with the title belt on his shoulder as the fans cheered for the new champion of PGH PRO Wrestling! The Rumble in the Rox 3 came to a close as PGH PRO Champion Powerhouse Hughes celebrated at ringside with all the fans.


Ring announcer Hank Hudson gets things started

Amazing Kevin Grace makes his way to the ring

Kid Mikaze prepares for the Cruiserweight Confrontation

Mikaze uses a high-risk maneuver

Grace takes to the air with a flying body-press

Mayor Mystery and Commissioner Raelane face-to-face

Sebastian Dark attempts to chokeslam Raelane

Powerhouse Hughes confronts the Parts Unknown Posse

The Mayor restrains his "mystery man"

Hex Hatred and Jason Gory trash talk their opponents

Jake Garrett and Ethan Price are ready for action

Price suplexes Gory

Hatred chokes Garrett

Drew Lazario and Sterling James Keenan

Brian O answers the challenge

Brian O takes it to Keenan

Sterling JK slams the man from the O-World

PGH PRO Commentators Viceroy and Orangutan

Mayor Mystery and Lord Zoltan

Zoltan and Rockin' Rebel prepare for their match

Rebel is in pain from Zoltan's arm-bar

Mayor Mystery receives the same from Referee Mike Compel

The diabolical Mayor Mystery

The fans cheer for Ariel

The ladies are locked up

Hailey Hatred wrenches Ariel's back

Ariel comes out on top

Dark and the Mayor taunt the fans

Commissioner Raelane positions herself at ringside

Powerhouse greets the fans on his way to the ring

'House delivers a flying elbow smash

Dark chokes Powerhouse outside the ring

Dark applies the figure four leg-lock

Powerhouse chokeslams Mayor Mystery

Dark gets powerbombed

Raelane presents the title belt to the new champ

The brand new PGH PRO Champion - Powerhouse Hughes