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Rise and Fall of the P.U.P.
By Matt Zaza

The Parts Unknown Posse must leave PGH PRO Wrestling forever. That huge news comes following the title match at the Rumble in the Rox 3. The match pitted Powerhouse Hughes against Mayor Mystery’s mystery wrestler (revealed to be Sebastian Dark) with the winner becoming the new PGH PRO Champion. The match featured the added stipulation that if Mystery’s man lost, then the entire Parts Unknown Posse had to leave PGH PRO.

Now Powerhouse Hughes is the new PGH PRO Champion, and Mayor Mystery, Lord Zoltan, the Specialist, and Sebastian Dark are gone for good.

Mayor Mystery’s Parts Unknown Posse, or P.U.P. for short, made their PGH PRO debut at the Rumble in the Rox 2. The Mayor wasted no time declaring war on Pittsburgh and sought out two of the ‘Burgh’s favorite sons. While the Specialist battled hometown hero Dean “The Dream” Jablonski, Lord Zoltan took on the “Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko.

The fellow Pittsburghers banded together to watch each other’s back, and were successful in defeating the P.U.P. members. Although Mayor Mystery had not destroyed Pittsburgh, he certainly had made his mark.

Mystery redoubled his efforts and wasted no time issuing a challenge to PGH PRO. He claimed he had signed a “super-indy” grappler who deserved a shot at the title. But, in keeping with his mysterious ways, the Mayor refused to reveal the identity of his big signee.

Mystery began campaigning to get his new man a shot at the title but the Board of Directors refused to even listen until the Mayor revealed the grappler’s identity. But Mystery would not budge. He was so certain of his wrestler’s ability that he made the following remark.

“I am so confident my mystery man will win the title, that if he doesn’t, me and the Parts Unknown Posse will leave PGH PRO forever.”

This statement caught the ears of Commissioner Raelane. A former manager herself, the Commish despises outside interference, something Mystery excels at.

“The Mayor cheats in virtually every one of his matches,” she said. “This is an opportunity to get him out of here! We will rid PGH PRO of that garbage.”

Raelane and the PGH PRO front office finally accepted the challenge, and the match was signed for the Rumble in the Rox 3.

The Specialist was not scheduled to wrestle at the RITR3, and so the Commish banned him from the building to prevent him from becoming a factor in any of the matches. The two matches the PUP did have were Lord Zoltan meeting the Rockin’ Rebel and of course the title match.

Earlier in the evening Commissioner Raelane came to the ring to welcome the fans. She was soon interrupted by Mayor Mystery, who decided it was time to reveal the identity of his mystery wrestler. Raelane, along with all the fans, were shocked when Mystery introduced Sebastian Dark.

Mystery and Dark attacked the Commissioner and could have seriously injured her if not for the intervention of Powerhouse Hughes. Hughes for the first time stood face to face with his opponent.

Later in the evening during the Lord Zoltan/Rockin’ Rebel match, there was copious interference on the part of the Mayor. So much so, in fact, that Commissioner Raelane came to ringside after the match with an announcement. To make sure that no cheating took place during the main event, she would personally be at ringside during the match. Mystery was clearly livid at this news.

With the sides now even it looked as though the title match would be a fair fight. The P.U.P.’s plans became evident, though, when Lord Zoltan snuck down to the ring. The referee quickly turned his attention to sending Zoltan back to the locker room, and Mystery went in for the kill.

As Powerhouse staggered to his feet (he and Dark had delivered a devastating double clothesline), the Mayor readied his favorite weapon: the cane. Just has Mystery was about to nail Hughes with the foreign object, Raelane grabbed it from his hands. The two struggled over the cane until the Commissioner kicked the Mayor in the Mystery family jewels. The Mayor, reeling in pain, turned and walked right into a Powerhouse chokeslam.

While all this was happening, though, Sebastian Dark had recovered AND gotten his hands on the cane. He plastered Hughes in the head with the weapon. As Dark climbed the ropes the referee returned to the ring. The Darkman flew of the top and delivered an annihilating frog-splash. He covered Hughes and it looked as though the P.U.P. would be successful after all.

Unfortunately for Mayor Mystery and the P.U.P., Powerhouse Hughes would not be denied. Showing the heart and determination that got him to this match, Hughes kicked out of the pinfall attempt. As Dark when for another offensive maneuver, Hughes slipped over his back and mustered all this strength to hit his finisher – the powerbomb.

Three seconds later there was a brand new PGH PRO Champion named Powerhouse Hughes. Commissioner Raelane entered the ring and presented the title belt to the new champ. As Mayor Mystery was carried away from ringside and Commish smiled and waved goodbye.

In the wake of this event it is unclear what the Mayor’s next move will be. Rumor has it that he is meeting with Parts Unknown’s top lawyers in an attempt to find a loophole in the contract so that the P.U.P. can be reinstated. One thing that is clear is that Mystery wants to destroy Pittsburgh more now than ever and will go to any length to get his revenge.

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