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Kamala the Ugandan Giant

Kamala and Kim Chee From deepest darkest Africa, Kamala is a force unlike any other in the world of pro wrestling. Although his exact origin is unknown, a limited number of facts have emerged over the years concerning his past.

In 1972, the world-renowned explorer/adventurer Kim Chee began an expedition in Uganda. One night, with only his torch as a source of light, Kim Chee stumbled upon a fierce creature. Easily the size of 10 men, yet as agile as a tiger, this creature struck fear into Kim Chee's very soul. He took one step toward the entity, only to see him disappear into the darkness.

The next morning, Kim Chee awoke - still awestruck by the events of the preceeding evening. Determined to capture the beast, Kim Chee and his troops set out to find him. Kim Chee dubbed the creature "Kamala" - which translates to "Terror" in ancient Ugandan.

After nearly a decade of searching, Kim Chee finally discovered "Kamala" - soundly asleep in an abandoned cave. He tranquilized the beast with his gun, as his troops bound and tied him. Triumphant, Kim Chee began his journey back to the states, his trophy "Kamala" en towe.

Kim Chee's next move would shock his contemporaries in the field of archaeology. Instead of returning to the institute which he had founded, Kim Chee accepted a contract from Mister Fuji. The contract called for his full time services - in the World Wrestling Federation!

Hearing of the beast through the international grapevine, Mister Fuji knew Kamala could dominate the competition in the WWF. However, Fuji was not naieve enough to believe he could control the beast alone. With Kim Chee as his trainer, Fuji knew he had a sure-fire combination.

In 1985, Kamala entered the WWF. Clearly disoriented with his new surroundings, Kamala proceeded to destroy every opponent who crossed his path. In 1987, he faced Hulk Hogan in a series of memorable matches.

In 1992, Kim Chee sold his interest in Kamala to Harvey Wimpleman. Harvey decided to target the phenom of the WWF - the Undertaker. The Taker brought out a primal fear in Kamala. Their feud continued until the Survivor Series 1992 - where the Undertaker defeated Kamala. Shortly after the match, Harvey turned on Kamala.

Lost in the civilized world of the WWF, Kamala was a man with no where to turn. Seeing "good" within the beast, the Reverend Slick stepped in as Kamala's mentor and friend. Encouraging him to fight fairly and to interact with the fans, Slick brought out an entirely new side of Kamala. As his learning continued, Kamala evolved into a clear fan favorite. In 1993, however, Kamala mysteriously vanished from the WWF. A note was left for Slick in the dressing room - a mere sheet of paper with two bite marks. But what did it mean?

In 1995, Kamala finally re-emerged - this time, in WCW. Summoned by "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan and his dark mentor "The Master," Kamala was now a charter member of the Dungeon of Doom. The purpose of the Dungeon was simple - the complete and total destruction of Hulkamania. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to defeat Hogan, Kamala once again disappeared. Rumors quickly circulated that Sullivan had sold him to an eccentric gentleman in Great Britain.

In 2001, the answer to the Kamala mystery began to unfold. At WWF WrestleMania 17, Michael Cole entered the office of William Regal, expecting an interview with the Brit. Instead, Michael witnessed, first-hand, the first "Kamala sighting" in years. The beast was standing on Regal's desk, chewing on a picture of the Queen! Was Regal the mysterious individual who purchased Kamala from Sullivan?

That night, Kamala competed in the 18-man "gimmick" battle royal. Still living up to the legends, Kamala ravaged his competition - eliminating Earthquake, Michael "PS" Hayes, the One Man Gang, Doink the Clown, and even his former master Kim Chee! After being eliminated by Sgt Slaughter, Kamala once again retreated to his cave in Uganda.

It was in that cave that Kamala stayed... until now. The beast will be unleashed again when Kamala (reunited with his manager Kim Chee) invades McKees Rocks on Friday, April 25 for the Rumble in the Rocks!